Frequently Asked Questions.

If I have an emergency how can Hello Caafi help?

We help all patients with their primary healthcare needs, but people with critical emergencies should immediately go to their nearest health facility. 

I have serious health concerns, will Hello Caafi help?

Yes. We connect patients to their nearest health facility, and we encourage further treatment as an essential element of our core service.

How can Hello Caafi reach me, I live in a village?

We work via the national telecom infrastructure, which means that anyone with a mobile phone can use our service.

I am not able to read and write. How can Hello Caafi help me?

Our service has an audio message feature which enables anyone to communicate verbally with us, in Somali.

Can we embed Caafi in our Service?

Yes, Caafi can integrate with other remote services including cash transfer programming, and all mobile health services

Don’t worry! Help is just a phone call away