Our Story

Transforming Access to Essential Healthcare through Technology and Innovation

Hello! Caafi emerged from the professional and personal experiences of its founders who wanted to address two of the systemic challenges in Somalia’s health system that prevent one in two Somalis from getting essential health services:

1) the extreme shortage of health workers; and

2) inequities in access to quality health services, especially for rural communities.

Our purpose is to fill these critical gaps by harnessing the power of technology to facilitate health access for the estimated 92% of Somalis who use mobile phones and other technological devices. We want to help the limited pool of health workers reach further, reduce the cost of access for patients and providers and potentially contribute to the sustainability of the health system.

Hello! Caafi’s technology platform is purposefully designed to integrate and complement the existing health care system by serving as an initial point of access and referral pathway while also reducing the burden on local health programs and facilities.

Hello! Caafi is a Somali and female-led organization. Our co-founders have over thirty years of combined leadership experience in health systems, technology, and development sectors. We work with a dedicated team of nurses, midwives, doctors, and specialists who are passionate about innovation and leading systems change.

Together, we built our telehealth system using our contextual knowledge of the country’s health system and sensitivity towards cultural and social norms that shape health behaviors.

This work is passion,  personal, and business for us.

We invite everyone to join us on our journey to accelerate the adoption of telehealth as an alternative care delivery method and improve health outcomes for all.

Our Leadership

Sahra Noor

Sahra Noor

Co - Founder / C.E.O.

Sahra Noor is a nurse and a health care executive with over 15 years of experience leading clinical services, including call center operations and virtual care programs. Sahra is passionate about harnessing the power of mobile and digital technology to promote wellness and increase access to high-quality health services. She holds a BSc in Nursing from St. Catherine University (USA) and an MSc in Nursing and Health Systems Administration from the University of Minnesota.
Sumeya Ali

Sumeya Ali

Co-founder / C.O.O.

Sumeya Ali is an optimist who believes in people’s ability to build a brighter future. She is passionate about Africa's advancement in areas of health, technology, and innovation. She has extensive experience in research and communication in the development sector in Africa. She has dedicated the last ten years to lead and inspire change as a leader and mentor. She has a degree in International Relations and an Executive Masters in Management and Organization Development.

Bashir M Shafii


Bashir M Shafii has over 15 years of experience in software development. He has worked as a software engineer, web developer, project manager, scrum master, systems analyst for various clients. He has worked mainly in the healthcare space for clients such as Prime Therapeutics, Optum, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN, UCare. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of North Dakota and Master's degree in Software Engineering from North Dakota State University.

Ismail Mualin, M.D

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Ismail Mualin, MD, is the Chief Medical Officer of HelloCaafi. He specializes in hospital inpatient medicine and perioperative medicine. And is currently a staff Physician in the Medical Subspecialties Institute at Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi. Prior Dr. Mualin worked as an Academic Hospitalist at the VA Medical Center in San Diego, California, US. Dr. Ismail has served as a volunteer doctor on several missions to Somalia and mobilized resources for health projects. He and his colleague Dr. Deka Jama are currently raising funds through GoFundMe to help address the immediate oxygen needs of COVID-19 patients in Somalia. Dr. Mualin received his medical degree from the University of Florence Faculty of Medicine in Florence, Italy. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians.

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