Hello! Caafi is a leading telehealth service provider in Somalia that harnesses the power of technology to improve access to health care and connect patients to a qualified Somali-speaking health professionals remotely and on-demand. Hello! Caafi's platform offers a full spectrum of technology-driven health services that are designed to engage patients in care delivery and improve health outcomes. We are on a mission to bring high quality, affordable and confidential care to millions of Somalis who currently do not have access to basic health services.

We serve anyone with a mobile phone, urban or rural, healthy or sick and all ages and genders

And this is how it works

Call us using a special 3 digit code (305)

This is accessible to potential patients via SMS, our website, social media, or
through our partners.

Pay for your service

You pay a set amount of money for your consultation up front. No hidden cost. No extra charge.

Speak with a Somali speaking qualified health professional 
You will be asked about your symptoms, medical history, and current medications and be given a plan of care that may include health advice, new prescriptions or referral to a specialist.
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Services we offer:

Medical consultations

Health Screening

Health Education


Care Coordination

Why Choose Hello! Caafi?

  • Convenient: Get on-demand access to health care without leaving your home or work.
  • Safe: Reduce your risk of getting exposed to COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.
  • Affordable: Save costs associated with travel and unnecessary tests or treatments.
  • Confidential: Recieve confidential, personalized health service without awkwardness and social stigma.
  • Quality: Connect with trained & qualified providers and get timely advice, support and education to keep you healthy.

Our name Caafi is a Somali word for "to wish upon Healing" to someone, and it's commonly used to wish someone good health and wellness. Anchored in the belief that the best outcome for healthcare is healing and wholeness, we envision a world where every Somali is healthy, productive, and lives in a vibrant community.